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Navigating Today's World with Rumi's Timeless Wisdom

A Shared Discovery for Kids and Adults.

RUMI FOR KIDS invites you and the young ones in your life on a mystical, magical journey into the wisdom of Rumi, far away from the digital clamor. Crafted for adults and children six and over to read together, this book transforms Rumi's timeless insights on love, life, and the soul into engaging explorations, sparking conversations on life's important questions.  Each poem is a gateway to understanding, accompanied by a guide at the book's end with interpretations and thought-provoking questions related to each poem - a launching point into discovery. Vivid illustrations throughout weave the themes of Rumi's poetry into a visual narrative, making his ancient wisdom accessible and captivating for young readers.


Dive into this shared adventure to foster empathy, creativity, and reflection, nurturing a tranquil space for growth and discovery. RUMI FOR KIDS is more than a book; it's an enriching experience, guiding children to find beauty and their own unique voices amidst life's noise.

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