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Blackened Paper

DJ Kadagian is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling author, and quantum economist. The success of his investment fund, very early in his career, enabled him to step back from the day-to-day operation of his firm to focus on a 25 year long and winding life journey.


It has taken him from a stop at Yale Divinity School to study the world’s religions - to collaborating with some of the country’s top philosophers, academics, activists, poets, researchers, and theologians in his thought-provoking documentary films. It would take him from a solitary trip into the unforgiving terrain of the Maze desert to sit and contemplate his life’s purpose - to a journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle to confront his life’s obstacles and fears participating in the sacred ayahuasca ceremonies with the storied Shipibo Shamans.


As a producer/director, his films have aired on PBS, Gaia TV, the Discovery Channel, and Hallmark, as well as being featured at over 120 film festivals around the world.  His thought-provoking works have focused on socioeconomic issues, race relations, religion & spirituality, and alternative healing.


His newly released book, Crossover Experience, has a deep personal meaning for him. It weaves his great interest in the Near-Death Experience sparked 25 years ago with the reality of real death at the passing of his beloved son. DJ’s motivation, in his life and in his creative endeavors, continues to be to challenge, provoke and inspire - both himself and his audience. DJ is a graduate of Cornell University and is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

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