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Why would someone feel compelled to journey deep into the Amazon Jungle to ingest potent psychedelics in the hope of hanging out with demons? What could possibly drive a person to trek to the Sacred Valley to smoke toad venom in search of God in the flesh? And why would someone consume electrically charged magic mushrooms seeking answers to questions at the bottom of a long, dark rabbit hole?


Desperation – plain and simple – born of a childhood filled with the most epic forms of abuse.

And it is within the mystical, magical, and often terrifying realm of psychedelics that he discovers a path to transformation. As you embark on his extraordinary spiritual and healing journey, you'll come to understand why this unorthodox self-help strategy is most suited for someone like him. And, not surprisingly, for a growing number of other desperate souls around the world today.


“A funny and heart-wrenching account of one man’s

relentless pursuit of sanity.”

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My Very Own Psychedelic Psychotherapy


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