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What would compel someone to journey into the heart of the Amazon Jungle to ingest the most potent psychedelics on the planet? Or venture into the most inhospitable desert in the United States to sit on a rock in solitude for 40 days and 40 nights? Why would someone with a deep-seated mistrust of organized religion feel compelled to go to divinity school? Or spend a decade engaged in mortal combat with an army of overmatched therapists? Desperation - plain and simple.


DJ Kadagian's childhood was a whirlwind of chaos, orchestrated by an unhinged mother who could best be described as a 'free spirit' - free from empathy, free from concern, and free from any semblance of conventional parenting. Her child-rearing philosophy could be summed up in one phrase: Every man for himself!

He knew it would take a high-octane form of psycho-spiritual shock therapy to bring him back to the land of the living and it was within the mystical, magical, and often terrifying realm of psychedelics that he discovered a path to transformation. As you embark on his extraordinary journey, you'll come to understand why this unorthodox self-help strategy is most suited for someone like him. And, not surprisingly, for a growing number of other desperate souls around the world today.


DJ Kadagian is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, best-selling author of Crossover Experience, and quantum economist. His films have aired on PBS, Gaia TV, the Discovery Channel, and Hallmark, as well as being featured at over 120 film festivals around the world. In his works, he has collaborated with some of the country’s top philosophers, academics, activists, poets, researchers, and theologians. His thought-provoking works have focused on socioeconomic issues, race relations, religion & spirituality, and alternative healing. He is producing the film Storming Heaven based on the book in 2024, which will be shot on location in the Amazon Jungle in Peru and The MAZE Desert in southern Utah.


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