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Crossover Experience - the Series

Life After Death / A New Perspective

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Series Synopsis:


What if the existence of life after death could now be answered with certainty?


While the first written recording of a near-death experience dates back to the writings of famed Greek philosopher Plato, the phenomenon of the NDE burst onto the scene in the 1970s with the widespread introduction of resuscitation techniques that, for the first time in human history, could bring clinically dead people back to life. Since this time, millions of NDEs have been reported worldwide. 


Near-death experiencers and followers of the phenomenon are now very familiar with the “main events” that occur during an NDE - from the initial out-of-body experience - to the NDEr being told “It is not your time.” This realm is uniformly described as “heaven” or “heaven-like.”  And since heaven is not likely to change over time, it is reasonable to conclude that all of the main components that occur during a near-death experience have already been revealed.  So is there more to learn about this phenomenon? What clues are buried within the powerful testimonials? And how is our growing understanding of quantum physics showing us that much of what is being recounted has basis in science as well?


That is the unique focus of Crossover Experience.

The Crossover Experience
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A sample of the films pacing and style. Promotion trailer for the Crossover Experience book.


Crossover Experience  -  Life-After-Death / The Journey

TRT 45-60 mins

Video Synopsis:


Having carefully researched thousands of near-death experiences, it is evident that if we shift our focus and train our mind’s eye on the nuance - the fine details that do not stand out from those "main events" - we find a treasure-trove of clues that reveal more of the contours, depth and messaging within a near-death experience. And it is often in what we don’t see, that we learn as much as what we do see.  Join us as we take you on a journey through a collection of the most exceptional NDEs on record, in search of a deeper, more expansive understanding of what the NDE is trying to communicate to us all.

Main Points:


  • The style of this video is more experiential than a typical straight-ahead documentary. Please view video above which we produced to promote the book. It will give you an excellent example of the feel and content.

  • Through music and stunning footage, we will create an atmosphere that is both mysterious and inspiring.

  • The video will focus on the NDE experience itself - what happens on the “other side” - not taking up time describing how they came to have an NDE. This will afford us more time to take a deep dive into the actual experience which allows us to pull the viewer into the full mystery and wonder of the experience.

  • The focus will be on both the fine details and what we don't see in an NDE - the components that are not brought to the fore in most books and film. Much of which is unexpected and in some cases disturbing.

  • The telling of the story will include four sources, each with their own image-set and music bed:

  1. Narration - This will tie together each element of the film listed below. The content comes directly from our best-selling book Crossover Experience and is narrated by the talent we used for the soon-to-be released audiobook.

  2. Talking Heads - Three experts in the field, all three of which are in the book, and each best-selling authors, will be interviewed - A medical doctor who experienced NDEs in his patients first-hand, the scholar who breaks down testimonials through the prism of culture, the quantum economist who looks at the massive supporting evidence and puts it into visual context. They will be providing context to each section of testimonials in a “stream of consciousness” form similar to what you will see in our film now airing on Gaia, Healing the Mind.

  3. Testimonials - We have distilled, out of a carefully curated database of over 4,000, the most exceptional testimonials. They will be voiced by four actors. All will be covered with stunning imagery and laid over a bed of mysterious and driving music.

  4. Graphics - The statistics gathered, much of which come from peer-reviewed studies from respected universities worldwide will back all of the content. The statistics will be brought to life by simple moving charts and graphs. You will find examples of this technique in our trailer for FOCUS Report here - a web based political research hub that we will be launching in the future.


Video Synopsis:


Much of what is being described by survivors as happening during an NDE is now being found to have a basis in the strange world of quantum physics.  Of particular relevance is quantum entanglement and non-locality in which everything appears to be interconnected without regard to time and space.  Where everything affects everything else.  Anything can be known instantly.  And any object can travel vast distances instantly. These now widely accepted theories would explain NDErs out-of-body experience, the fascinating “life review”, and the ability to move instantly from our realm of space-time to a multidimensional realm in which time and distance no longer exist. The phenomenon of the Near-Death Experience requires a revised psychology anchored, not in 19th-century classical physics, but rather in 21st-century quantum physics that includes consciousness in its conceptual formulation. We will explore the phenomenon of the NDE from within the prism of quantum physics.


Main Points:


  • The style and content of our theme will lay out the same as that of video 1 above. However, in addition to the visual charts, we will be including 3D animation to express some of the ideas of quantum physics giving it some of a “What the Bleep do we Know” feel.

  • Talking heads will include a quantum scientists, philosophers, medical doctor and religious figure.

*** Crossover Experience, as an extended series, could encompass topics such as psychedelics, reincarnation, astral projection and UFO’s.

The series would build into a collection of topics that "cross-over" or encounter other realms of existence.


Crossover Experience  -  Where Death and Quantum Physics Merge

TRT 45-60 mins

As of today Crossover Experience is the #1 best-seller at Amazon in the categories of Near-Death Experience, Astral Projection and Reincarnation! 

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