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My Very Own

Psychedelic Psychotherapy

In development

Series Synopsis


Loosely based on the soon to be released book, My Very Own Psychedelic Psychotherapy, this two-part series will follow one man's journey into remote parts of the Americas to work with three different psychedelics for mental and spiritual healing. He will travel to Costa Rica to sample their psilocybin mushrooms, to the Amazon Jungle in Peru to partake in the storied Ayahuasca ceremonies with the Shipibo shamans, and to Mexico to experience the most powerful of all psychedelics - Bufo Alvarius - the infamous toad.

Through narration and talking heads, the film will weave in the history of psychedelics and shine a spotlight on their renaissance in Western culture - a development that includes their slow steady approval, in certain states, for their use in healing people with deeply entrenched mental conditions. We will discuss how this can happen when psychedelics are still classified by the DEA as Schedule 1 drugs - the most "dangerous of drugs."

And finally we will look at the current use and effects of micro-dosing hallucinogens that is occurring "under the radar" throughout the U.S.

Psychedelics - are they the psychological and spiritual healers of our future?

We will attempt to answer that question first-hand.

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